Interview with one of the Tutors of the Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Teshie near Accra. Her name is Irene Butler and she tells HITA how it is to teach at the facility. At the moment the numbers of students at the school got trippeled up to 800, but the infrastructure hasn´t been improved. The tutors are teaching classes with about 200 students at the same time and some of the classes have to be outside under canopies. But the school is constructing two new buildings with their own budget and with privat supportes to give the students a better and more adequate learning environment. But there is still a lot to do and to improve. Irene brings in as well a good point in the discussion about new e-learning methods and e-solutions as usage in educational issues. But if there is still an electricity problem, a fully and overall dependence on information technology devices remains sceptical and critical.

CONTACT. Post Box: TS 861, Teshie – Telefon: +233302711471 – Email: – Principal Helen Gifty Dwamina Amoah – Phone: +233244296518 / +233208405389 – Email: – Link to Facebookpage. /// IT-Tutor Nesta Osekre– Phone: +233244670429

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