Interview with Ms. Diddy Ntim the principal of the School for the Deaf in Hohoe in the Volta Region. The school hosts meanwhile 300 students and provides different levels of education, it starts with kindergarten up to primary and secondary school, but they provide an ongoing option for support for the students even long time after they left the school. Ms. Ntim and her staff are trying to prepare the children for society and the difficulties in live espescially for their deaf disablity, but there are pupils who have additional disorders as well and need much more care and attention. As well they try to advocate and educate the parents and relatives of the children, they organize workshops, conversation tables and help them in every aspect of life issues. The school is facing huge problems of support in financial, educational and medical areas. Like all the other special schools they get basic cost about 2 Cedis 20 Pesewas (ca. 60 Cent) per child which is totaly not enough. The school started to do their own farming to provide additional food and income of selling fruits like cocoa.

If you want to help, support, do voluntary work or get in contact with the school write her an Email: or just call
Phone: +233209185219

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Moderation: Günther Michels

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