📼 The Hectors Mixtape 📼

1) Tell us about yourself….. 
My name is Lewis Williamson - I am 19 years old and am currently studying at Glasgow Uni going into my second year come September - my main interests / hobbies are producing and DJing.

2) How did you get into music and DJing?
I've been interested in electronic music since I was around the age of 11 or 12, and I got into producing this way through watching producers I liked live stream their studio time online. When I was about 16 me and a couple of pals went to a Boiler Room at Bongo Club and that night heavily influenced a shift in direction towards a more 'techno' sound in both my production & DJing - and now the genre in itself is a really big passion of mine.

3) Who/what are your favourite DJs/producers/labels?
In terms of labels, Trip will always be a favorite of mine, due to the quality of all of the compilations as well as the individual releases - Kraviz has taken it in a really nice yet obscure direction which gives off some kind of  "Neo-Aphex Twin" vibe. Allergy season is also a hot one in the books as of recently, and I've gained quite a lot of inspiration from the massive charity compilations that they've released over the space of 2017-18. I'm also a huge fan of the UK techno scene at the moment - in particular Objekt, Call Super and of course the Hessle Audio trio.

4) Tell us about your mix…..
I wanted to to start off fairly percussive & melodic and get gradually heavier throughout - It was recorded in my room pretty much the moment after I got in from a five hour flight back from Greece so I was pretty knackered, albeit very motivated as I hadn't been able to touch my decks since two week prior.

5) What are your future plans?
Keep producing more and more - It's literally my favorite thing to do. I'm also interested in playing some more parties, and there also may or may not be something coming in the later months of this year, but absolutely nothing is confirmed yet so I won't say anymore on that.

6) Anything else you want to mention…..
Not really, enjoy the mix. :)

Mix tracklist:
Tom - Greetings (Intro Mix)
O-Wells - Slangin Rockx
LR Groove - Device
X-Static - My Inspiration ('Sweet Thing' Vocal Version)
Via App - Anisthynia
Harry Leard - Burn Down the Diskotek
Yaleesa Hall - Harriet Brown (VIP Mix)
Skee Mask - Muk FM
M//R - Dread Nox
Loleatta Holloway - Stand Up (Pangaea's Mix)
Nikita Zabelin - Confusion
Jeroen Liebregts - Vloer
Meffery Jillerson - If It Ain't Broke
Tom - Greetings
SW37 - Untitled A
Rush Plus - Dog House
rRoxymore - Prodome
Elmo Crumb - I Man a Canary Bird
Dat Nigah Tha Schitt - Help Me Lord

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    • 125 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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