The GTA Digital Podcast is back with it's next installment techno.

Gary The Apprentice lays down an hour of some seriously banging techno. Gary starts off with a more hypnotic edge but quickly moves into straight bangers. Expect to be taken into full on audio assault territory in the second half of the mix!


Sonar Falls - Planetary Assault Systems
Grke7 - Jake Conlon
Uncertain Outcome - Haeken
Everything Is Drone (Original Mix) - Eloim
To Wander on the Moon - Under Black Helmet
Road Maps (Original Mix) - Marco Effe
Pehsc - Jake Conlon
Escape from Samsara - Klankman
Morchot - Cortechs
002 - Datasmok
On your Life - JoeFarr
Einkolsch - BR1002
Knife - Domenico Crisci
Tormnt - Jake Conlon
Ektroma (Original Mix) - Jokasti & Nek
India - Dr Cyanide
EX - Domenico Crisci
Funk You (Original Mix) - Jokasti & Nek
Wine (C-System Remix) - Dr Cyanide, C-System
To The Bone - Perc
Repeat Offender - Paul Birken

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