Gary The Apprentice is back for the 10th Podcast in our series.

For this mix Gary has went through a selection of some old straight up, solid techno. Expect tracks from the likes of Surgeon, James Ruskin, Damon Wild, Joey Beltram and more. See track list below for more details.

Apartment Zero (Original Mix) - Robert Hood
First (Original Mix) - Surgeon
Waveterm (Original Mix) - Damon Wild, Function
Flight Decimator (Original Mix) - Chris McCormack
Oval (Original Mix) - Joey Beltram
Eight 3 (Original Mix) - James Ruskin
Fuel (Original Mix) - Pacou
Set Ups (Original Mix) - Joey Beltram
Bang The Acid (Joey Beltram Remix) - Damon Wild, Tim Taylor
Handiwork (Handiwork Cari Lekebusch Mix) - Steve Stoll
Slim Sez (Original Mix) - Cari Lekebusch
Number In Between (Original Mix) - Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlback
Purification (Original Mix) - Regis
Version (Original Mix) - James Ruskin
Surface (Original Mix) - Regis
Life Disintegrating (Original Mix) - Pacou
Your Green Eyes (Original Mix) - Chris McCormack
Move (Original Mix) - Surgeon
Events (Original Mix) - Element 3
Detatched (Original Mix) - James Ruskin
Compressed (Original Mix) - Chris McCormack

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    23:40   Damon Wild and Tim Taylor - Bang The Acid - Joey Beltram Remix
    33:20   Adam Beyer feat. Jesper Dahlback - Number In Between
    54:40   James Ruskin - Detatched

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