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Bio: GST is a fan of electronic music since 1990. In the beginning his favourite styles were house and techno, but other styles grabbed his attention as well (for eg.: Depeche Mode). Later he started to listen to rave and oldschool hardcore (as it's called nowadays this way). He got more into hardcore, thanks to the Thunderdome and Happy Rave series and after that he followed the way of hardcore, as it evolved into several other styles. Around 2000 he listened to new style hardcore, but soon he turned to different sounds: UK hardcore (thanks to Scott Brown,HTID albums) and industrial (Combichrist,VnV Nation,Grendel and more...). It was a milestone in his life, he felt that he found his final style and since then he is following this music to present days.
His dj carreer was his dream in his early childhood, exactly since he was ten. Around 2001 he made amateur remixes for himself, but he stopped these and began to concentrate on dj-ing. In 2009, at the end of a Gyár, in an '

    0:00   Darren Styles - Save Me
    16:40   Dougal & Gammer - Guitar Hero
    21:00   Joey Riot - Something To Believe In
    24:00   Junior & The New Generation - Tears Fall
    29:40   Billy Daniel Bunter & Sparky ft. Daniel - Ride Like The Wind
    34:00   GBT Inc feat. Alison Wade - Better Day
    43:00   Breeze & Styles - I Will Be
    48:40   Scott Brown - Lost Generation
    56:20   Gammer - Back Home (feat. Niki Mak)
    1:01:20   E-Type - Rain
    1:10:20   Dougal & Gammer - Don't Leave Me
    1:15:40   Darren Styles - Come Running

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