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-- 33 Songs Sampler: "ZEITKRUSTE" -...the final sampler...-

  • (Zugabe ;-) ... Encore ...)

HEYYY that's it :-)

AND Heeere - "the final Swank-Part" ;-) :

(... just some more "last words" for the whole Thing ...)

Well, it's all godlessly long ago, but I remember EVERYTHING... - from Back Then ...not only when listening to it... - and when I was working with it again since a very long time - it felt like "here & now" again (or at least "3 minutes ago" ... o.O) ... Sometimes -a good thing, sometimes -not. In the end - just Memories. ... but I still love most of the music.

Anyhow I never really counted all of my own recorded Songs. But I think - all in all (apart from the Band-Projects-Studio-Jobs Stuff, and besides all the Others and with Others Stuff ...) there are over a Thousand :-D ...

Anyway - this 123 Uploads with the 230+ Songs, are just The Ones that first came to my mind, when I sat down, thought about it... and then it was just a daily spontaneously Thing of what I selected to publish ... - and I just wanted to have fun doing it / going through it again.
…and I like the Number "123"!… :-P …

We all love Music here, and we all have our own special Tastes and Backgrounds and stuff, but it's very nice that -MUSIC- even in that unbelievable mad wrought-up sick crazy world of today -NEVER DIES- !!! !!! !!! :-)

Remember - it's only a Lifetime ...!... If you're already fucked up, don't fuck up others.

...try to be free.
I do!
I had lots of problems in Life ... But since three years I'm clear with myself and my past.
I wish I could start again NOW ... :-D ... but hm.

ps - Music is NOT "my Religion, my World, my Life, my Everything" in that extreme as it was 20 or 40 years ago anymore (just for Information - I'm 48).
BUT I still love and enjoy it, and I'm still doing every kind of Music... Nowadays just in "a more real way" ...but... long Story ... ;-) ... .

So - my "The Music-Diaries Sampler" - (...I can't believe it yet, BUT)- it's done!... :-) and I'm happy with it.

Again and a last time = thank you very much for listening ...

... aaand goodnight.


(10. Dezember 2019, 18:03 Uhr)



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