A couple of the manuscript sources about the medieval Irish tiompán refer to it being played with a 'wand.' Some interpret this as meaning a bow. Personally, I think it more likely it refers to a long plectrum like the risha, or reshee, used to play the Arabic lute, the oud. Like the risha, I guess the Irish 'wand' would have been made from cow horn. I cheated and bought some nylon ones.
Having made my tiompán, I used some Red Deer rawhide cord to make frets for it. This is the first recording made after the frets had dried tight on the neck. The strings are plucked and strummed with a nylon risha 'wand.' The recording was made on my trusty Zoom H4nPro, a great piece of kit.

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    • 122 bpm
    • Key: Fm
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