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    [04-23-2018] Earth (tech-trance) DEMO

    [04-23-2018] Earth (tech-trance) DEMO by Greilark
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A new tech-trance mix, recorded on Earth Day featuring a blend of techno and trance with funky melodies and pulsating bass.

Inspired by travel around of the world, space, and of the people which keep the beat going.

Thank you to all artist in there creations and inspirations in sight, sound, and dance.

Thank you to all artist involved that helped make this mix possible and contributed their tracks for this mix. SO much love!

Thank you to Christian Collins for the amazing collage piece to which culminates the vibe of this mix!

Thanks to Jan Muller, Matteo (Loopus) Stroppa, Sean (Process) Williams, Darren Gorden, and Nikki Nix for pushing the envelope in constant search for the new sound. You have been great inspirations along my journey in music.

Special thanks to all the dancers and communities who inspired the sound and tone of this mix!

SUPER special thanks to my mum and sis for continually inspiring me to come from a place of Truth, intelligence, and Love.

Feedback welcome.

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Cover "imagination" by @bluespectralmonkey instagram

0:00 Mantik - Siu Nim Tao [Horns and Hoofs Records]
5:50 Flembaz - Slomi [Techgnosis Records]
10:17 Loopus in Fabula - Sing Sing Pumpup [Fabula Records]
14:37 Trilingo - Njn (Original Mix) [Techgnosis Records]
18:30 Funky Dragon - Keep on Dreaming [Spiral Trax]
23:02 Shogan - Stomp the Ground [Spiral Trax]
27:45 Illegal Substances - Playground (Edit) [Spiral Trax]
31:58 Amygdala - Wintermute [ektoplazm]
38:45 Midi Miliz - Soopercharge [Vision Quest]
42:06 Spoonhead - The First Flame [Arkhive Music]
47:00 Tapwatr - Dirty Things [Digital Diamonds]
49:30 Suntree, Easy Riders - From Another Perspective [Iboga Records]
53:34 Process - Brainmelt [Process Productions]
55:56 Arnaud Le Texier - Alphax [Chronicle Records]

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    0:00   Mantik - Siu Nim Tao
    5:50   Flembaz - Slomi (Original Mix)
    10:17   Loopus in Fabula - Sing Sing Pumpup
    14:37   Trilingo - Njn (Original Mix)
    18:30   Funky Dragon - Keep on Dreaming
    23:02   Shogan - Stomp the Ground
    27:45   Illegal Substances - Playground (Edit)
    31:58   Amygdala - Wintermute
    38:45   Midi Miliz - Soopercharge
    42:06   Spoonhead - The First Flame (Original Mix)
    47:00   Tapwatr - Dirty Things
    49:30   Suntree, Easy Riders - From Another Perspective (Original Mix)
    53:34   Process - Brainmelt
    55:56   Arnaud Le Texier - Alphax

    Trance, TECHNO, Tech-Trance, Electronica, Trance Techno Electronica, Goa Trance, Progressive Trance, progressive
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 04/23/2018 22:04
    • 135 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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