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    What happened ? Someone stole your mixes and published it under his name ?
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Yet another disappointment ...
Today I discovered a fraud again and it happened once before to me. It concerns to people who steal other people's mixes and put their own name underneath without the credits to the DJ himself. Regretted me greatly that people have no respect for someone who has done much work there, its a shame! That is why I decided to hide the "download" button to prevent people who want to download, and to prevent fraud. I find it sad to make this decision but by requested I can share you my mixes. This goes only through email to my official website!

So, All that said.
Now I want to spoil you with a new mixture with a serious message... FUCK fraudsters !!!

    0:00   Turbo Turbo - Memories
    5:20   M.in - Nummer 2
    11:40   Sasha Carassi - Dark Pride
    17:20   DJ Boris - Foul Beats
    22:40   Pig&Dan - Naked Nuns
    32:20   Cari Lekebusch - Xylopeggiator
    40:00   Eric Sneo - From Beyond

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