Second track recorded at the January Whirling Atelier in MimeCentrum Berlin. Like the other track from that session, this one features less improvisation than previous tracks for whirling, it´s a variation on a short arpeggio reminiscent of some classic Minimal Music - or should i say I´m ripping off Philip Glass, Michael Nyman & Steve Reich here?
This is some kind of a guilty pleasure, it has much more pathos and less originality than my musical ideal, but I must admit it was fun to play and the dancers responded well. My inspiration came from the often dramatic and manipulative film scores of the action/sci-fi/fantasy stuff I love to watch, especially Spiderman and Godzilla; both share repetitive orchestral patterns, creating an atmosphere of urgency and hysteria. I´m glad I managed to mix this with some chilled hip hop beats and finally translate the orchestral patterns into Tangerine Dream-alike endless synth meandering...

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