Hi Music Lovers,

As a Prince fan I have bought many of his records from his official catalogue, but also from his "unofficial" catalogues (Bootlegs, concerts...) Same as many of you, I guess, and we are all sad today after what happened ...
The least that I could do is paying tribute to this Music Master in giving all my heart into working on a revamping of one of my favorite track : "Money Don't Matter 2 Night".
BPM is 112.
I have added my special touch on the Drums, with an intro and outdo as well, but wanted to stay not to far from the original.
Special shout to all the Prince lovers !
I would like to offer you the opportunity to download this Rework for free, just go to my Hearthis account here:
Please be so kind to play this rework as much as you can, re share it, and I would be very pleased if you could leave a comment and repost it on Soundcloud !
Many thanks in advance Mates !
Respect, Peace & Music from Paris France

    • Type: Remix
    • 112 bpm
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