• Frieder D
    Frickelmugge (Mouse On Mars) 320kbit/s

    Frickelmugge (Mouse On Mars) by Frieder D
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A Mixtape Tribute To Jan St. Werner & Andi Toma.

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Mouse On Mars – Schunkel
Mouse On Mars – Scat
Mouse On Mars – Subsequence
Mouse on Mars feat. Tears the Muffin Man – Alien Animals
Michael Fakesch – Soda (10010 State Remix By Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars)
Mouse On Mars & Cavern of Anti-Matter – Fertilized
Mouse On Mars – They Know Your Name
Von Südenfed – Flooded
Mouse On Mars – Doit
Mouse On Mars – Wipe That Sound
Mouse on Mars feat. Mark E. Smith – Cut the Gain
Mouse On Mars & Tortoise – Shoe Fly
Von Südenfed – Dearest Friends

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    4:20   Mouse on Mars - Scat
    8:20   Mouse on Mars - Subsequence
    12:40   Mouse on Mars - Alien Animals feat. Tears The Muffin Man
    19:00   Michael Fakesch - Soda
    24:40   Mouse on Mars - Fertilized
    27:00   Mouse on Mars - they know your name
    30:40   Von Südenfed - Flooded
    35:20   Mouse on Mars - Doit
    43:20   Mouse on Mars - Wipe That Sound
    46:00   Mouse on Mars - Sound City feat. Mark E. Smith
    49:00   Tortoise - Shoe Fly
    53:20   Von Südenfed - Dearest Friends

    Mouse On Mars, Von Südenfed, Tortoise, Michael Fakesch, Mark E. Smith, Jan St. Werner, X Andi Toma
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