Instrumental composition with many metaphors & storytelling aspects. Both traditional and hidden music symbolism
is depicting a pre-defined mini-story, going through different kinds of emotions and mysterious references.
A bit too rapidly so, perhaps, but all the more challenging to figure out some of the detailed metaphors and deep thoughts on different perspectives, as opposed to black and white, right or wrong only. ;)

It uses lots of symbolism in the choosen instruments, and in the musical & emotional directions in different parts of the track.
(including choice of rythms, harmonies & chords)
Most things even in this part symbolize different emotions and/or thoughts in the specific order of the tune. I also added quite a few more subtle and hidden symbols, for the hardcore analyzers out there.

The messages and purposes of that is partly that even such can be intepreted very differently, not judging you to be right or wrong about your own perception or guesses, or even conclusions.
...Happy listening and analyzing! ;)
/ Fredrik
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    • Type: Original
    • 166 bpm
    • Key: C
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