• Freaky Frank

    Trinity by Freaky Frank

Days and nights speed up upon a world that spins exponentially faster as it repells from its center of equalibrium. This affect is syncronized with sentients internal and external atomic clocks perfectly tuned hands of time via magnetic resonance, or by your local watch repair shop specialist. The day/night cycle experienced today sped-up from its normal routine three fold. For example, 3 days today would amount to one entire 24 hour day, 30 years ago. Entries on the list of social engineering tricks ,run deep. Please be aware to beware of mis-information used to maniplate y OUR minds into believing that it is selfish to be free. It is certainly not my hard working brothers and super lovely sisters!!!

Trinity by -
Freaky Frank & DJ Motiv


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    48:00   Eats Everything - Dancing (Again!)
    1:08:00   Various Artists - Miami Sessions 2016 (Continuous Mix 1 ROW)
    1:30:00   Vanita - Ghost
    1:45:00   Tiga - Let's Go Dancing
    1:45:40   Tiga VS Audion - Let's Go Dancing (Adam Beyer Remix)
    1:55:40   Beckers - Hypnotize
    2:00:20   Tiga - Woke - Jamie Jones Remix
    2:06:40   Sleepy & Boo - Attraction

    Dub Techno, tekhouse, minimal, Electronic, DeepTechHouse, deep
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 124 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Old Mastic
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