So...what do you get when you take four veteran DJs and throw them together? A collaboration mix that tells one HUGE story from 4 separate points of view... a solid 2 hours of the best in all things breaks, and a journey you're not soon to forget.

From Fonik's absolutely slamming opening set, to Patrick Edward's touch of progressiveness (with a side of true chunk and funk) Corcyra's 4-alarm fire of NASTY meets funky meets progressive (you know, like throwing gasoline and a match on a raging fire...and setting an entrancing blaze), to Parallax Breakz's soothing "after the fire" chunky, then techy, then the ineviatable come down... as the man, myth, and legend is absolutely known the world over for acomplishing time and time again.

This entire collaboration was pure fun for all four DJ's, and definitely dragged each of them out of their comfort zone and into the ring...and you're in for some serious surprises with each Dj's unique tracklist combined with personal style and twists in each portion of this masterpiece.

Strap in and push play, get this mix on download...and do NOT forget your seatbelts.



Space Scavengers - Marvin's Galaxy (Tribute to Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy) (Original Mix)
Karl Sav - Soundfeer (2012 VIP Mix)
Harry Gregson-Williams - Humvee Chase (Hybrid Remix)
Hyper - The Battle (Evan Gamble Lewis vs Burufunk Remix)
Mechanical Pressure - Mindbreaker (Original Mix)
Mechanical Pressure - The Firm (Original Mix)

Patrick Edwards:

Alt A - Genesis (Jayson Butera Remix)
Colombo - Brightness (Seth Vogt Remix)
Jiro - On Route To Hell (Karl Sav Remix)
Geon - Fluence (Original Mix)
Journeyman, Barrcode - Broken Chord (Seth Vogt Remix)
EzBreaks - The Way To Charleroi (Jayson Butera Remix)


classified audio material - [CDR]
Sergei Orange - Research [Forthcoming on RUNE]
Karton - Chase it High (Beta Remix)
classified audio material - ID [CDR]
Sergei Orange & Mechanical Pressure - Arrivals [Forthcoming on RUNE]
Departure [forthcoming on RUNE - Departure [Forthcoming On Rune]
New Order - People on the High Line (Hybrid Remix)

Parallax Breakz:

Parallax Breakz - Phantom [FREE]
Parallax Breakz - Night Vision [V.I.M.]
Windom R - Robo Afrika (Parallax Breakz Remix) [CDR]
Parallax Breakz - Angel VIP [V.I.M.]
Parallax Breakz - Violet Lights [V.I.M.]
Parallax Breakz - Step Inside [unsigned]

    15:40   Hybrid - Empire
    30:00   Alt-A - Genesis
    36:00   Colombo - Brightness
    40:00   Jiro - On Route to Hell
    45:20   Geon - Fluence

    Breakbeat, Breaks, Breakbeat, Breakbeats, Technical Breaks, Progressive Breaks, Monkey Tennis Group
    • Type: DJ-Set
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