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    Forcast #001

    Forcast #001 by Förtsch
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The first episode is now available on Hearthis.at after being a Mixcloud exclusive. This mix features the best tracks of january 2016.


1.Ashes (Cold Rush Remix) by Denis Kenzo & Sarah Lynn
2.Clear Blue Moon (Will Rees Remix) by Armin van Buuren pres. Rising Star
3.This Is It (Original Mix) by Kinetica
4.Orion (Original Mix) by 7Wonders
5.Revelation (Original Mix) by Niko Zografos
6.Cosmic Gate (Original Mix) by Edward South
7.Legend of Zeus (Original Mix) by Ian Buff
8.Meteora (Original Mix) by The Noble Six
9.Santiago (Original Mix) by Temple One
10.Silent For So Long (Maratone Remix) by Susana & Hazem Beltagui
11.Dark Passenger (Original Mix) by The Enlightment
12.Parallax (Original Mix) by U-Mount
13.Illusions (Original Mix) by Melvin Sheppard
14.Seraphim (Original Mix) by Chris North
15.Stardust (Original Mix) by Andre Visior & Miroslav Vrlik
16.Adrenaline (Original Mix) by Hiwox
17.Captcha (Original Mix) by First Sight & Ben Stone
18.Reflections (Original Mix) by Future Antics
19.Data Ghost (Original Mix) by Arctic Moon
20.Phase 3 (Original Mix) by Michael Fuller
21.Move On (Original Mix )by Saad Ayub & Jennifer Rene
22.Challenger (Original Mix) by Cold Rush
23.Way Finding Around (Original Mix) by ReOrder
24.Daywalker (Opt-In Remix) by Cenk Basaran
25.Innervate (Original Mix) by 2nd Phase
26.First Encounter (Original Mix) by Sonic Entity & Solar Kid
27.Unhinged (Original Mix) by Frost Raven & Casey Rasch
28.One Reason Only (Original Mix) by Vandeta
29.Anjuna (Jordan Suckley Remix) by Liquid Soul & Zyce feat. Solar Kid
30.Timeline (Original Mix) by Makida
31.Li-An (Original Mix) by Replay
32.Stomping Ground (Bliss Remix) by Ace Ventura
33.Horizon (Original Mix) by Spacewind
34.Rotation (Original Mix) by Pop Art
35.SaveMan (Original Mix) by Foxmind

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    0:00   Cold Rush - Ashes (Cold Rush Dub)
    1:00   Denis Kenzo - Ashes (ASOT 747) - Cold Rush Remix
    5:00   Armin van Buuren - Clear Blue Moon (ASOT 738)
    8:40   KINETICA - This Is It
    12:00   7Wonders - Orion
    15:00   Niko Zografos - Revelation (Original Mix)
    17:40   Edward South - Cosmic Gate
    22:20   Ian Buff - Legacy of Zeus
    24:40   The Noble Six - Meteora
    28:40   Temple One - Santiago
    31:40   Susana - Silent For So Long
    35:20   The Enlightment - Dark Passenger
    39:00   U-Mount - Parallax
    43:40   Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky
    44:20   Melvin Sheppard - Illusions
    50:00   Chris North - Seraphim
    52:40   André Visior - Stardust
    54:00   Miroslav Vrlik - Stardust (Original Mix)
    54:40   Hiwox - Adrenaline
    57:20   Ben Stone - Captcha
    1:01:20   Future Antics - Reflections
    1:03:40   Arctic Moon - Data Ghost (Extended Mix)
    1:12:00   Jennifer Rene - Move On
    1:15:00   Saad Ayub - Move On (Extended Mix)
    1:16:40   Cold Rush - Challenger
    1:19:20   ReOrder - Way Finding Around
    1:21:40   Cenk Basaran - Daywalker
    1:25:40   2nd Phase - Innervate
    1:28:20   Sonic Entity - First Encounter
    1:33:00   Frost Raven - Unhinged
    1:42:20   Makida - Timeline
    1:44:40   Replay - LI-AN
    1:47:20   Ace Ventura - Stomping Ground
    1:50:20   Pop Art - Rotation
    1:54:20   Foxmind - SaveMan

    #Trance, Uplifting Trance, Psy-Trance
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