Yoga nidra is a guided lying down meditation practice for deep relaxation and personal insight.
In this 40-minute nidra images from nature are evoked to see what wants to well up. What is your intuition telling you that you need to know today?
Get comfortable lying down in a warm place, cover yourself with a blanket and put an eye pillow or scarf over your eyes. After the initial settling you are guided through a rotation of consciousness around the body, then given space around the images. This leads to a radiance rotation. You'll hear a singing bowl in parts of the recording.
Led by Fiona, nidra facilitator and yoga teacher at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm in Mid Devon as part of a yin and nidra workshop.
Do not listen to this while in charge of heavy machinery (eg a car). Make sure you have time to rest a little afterwards and have a drink and a snack to fully gournd yourself again.

    Field Recording / Sound Art
    • 91 bpm
    • Key: Em
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