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    Macrospective II - Finn Johannsen Mix original

    Macrospective II - Finn Johannsen Mix by Finn Johannsen
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FINN JOHANNSEN & STEFAN GOLDMANN: Macrospective II both mixes available for FREE DL at Macro's Bandcamp: macrorec.bandcamp.com

In cognitive psychology, 'flow' refers to the mental state of operation in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement and enjoyment of the activity. Finn Johannsen’s mix has been recorded in flow-state. It closely mirrors his selection style as a club DJ. All relevant records were piled up next to a set of turntables and a mixer, and he went about sorting his mix like a chess player – set one opening move and be prepared for anything, since anything can happen: with 19 more tracks to mix, there are exactly 121.645.100.408.832.000 possible tracklist combinations. Go figure.

A competent DJ thinks several records ahead and anticipates elaborate mix combinations, but with the above magnitude involved, no one would be naive enough to follow a script and expect to win. Any alternative and complex chain of events may be triggered by the feedback of the moment. Deciding what, how and when to mix is where the spontaneous meets the well prepared. We do the math, you just enjoy.

  1. KUF – Wildlife
  2. Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Burn Brighter Flame
  3. Stefan Goldmann – Peak Phosphorus
  4. Peter Kruder – Vespertilio
  5. KiNK – Sintezator
  6. Stefan Goldmann – Minute Blaze
  7. Raudive – Visitor
  8. Rroxymore – DFF
  9. Raudive – Khaki
  10. L'estasi Dell'oro – Sky Unknown
  11. L'estasi Dell'oro – Iscariotic Lips
  12. Elektro Guzzi – Alaska Flip
  13. Rroxymore – Q19
  14. KiNK – Source Of Uncertainty
  15. Peter Kruder – Xenomorph
  16. Elektro Guzzi – Atlas (KiNK Mix)
  17. Anno Stamm – Aqua / Lemon Peel / Violet
  18. Anno Stamm – Orkestra Lunitizia
    19.Stefan Goldmann – The Grand Hemiola
  19. KUF – Just Like You
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    4:20   Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras - Burn Brighter Flame - Morgan Geist Edit
    11:00   Stefan Goldmann - Peak Phosphorus
    23:40   KiNK - Sintezator
    32:40   Raudive - Visitor
    42:40   Raudive - Khaki
    56:40   Elektro Guzzi - Alaska Flip
    1:05:20   KiNK - Source Of Uncertainty
    1:10:40   Peter Kruder - Xenomorph

    Techno, House
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