Uploaded for a friend. This is clearly just MIDI instruments playing my music. I'll upload a better version with better instrumentation as soon as I can grab the .MID file from Sibelius (not installed on my current comp -- but needs to be.)

I grew up in a family of six. I am of course the oboe.

This piece represents the style of writing I had before my musical education at SFSU. I wrote this for a class called Composer Colloquium which I remember being 0 units, yet it was required to get into the music theory and composition program so that my professor could see if I had it in me to compose scores. Don't know about all that but it did get me into the program. My writing style and idea processing vastly changed through the program.

Someday I will get this played by an ensemble. If you do happen to snag the score (bottom link) and have a knack at it, please let me know of any pitfalls so I can fix them!

You can download the score here: dropbox.com/s/xb6gbb4f6zgpzny/...ore%29.pdf?dl=0

    Strings, oboe, odd tempo
    • 92.5 bpm
    • Key: E
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