So, I'm trying to pick up a habit of creating music without the purpose of finishing it or spending much time meticulously editing it.

Here are the rules I wrote for myself:


  • (at least TRY to do this every day, I know it's not always realistic)
  • compose anything, in any tempo, in any key, in any genre.
  • literally make anything you want.
  • post results on soundcloud (light mastering and mixing allowed) after one hour of composing and name/date
  • doesn't matter if it isn't finished, move on from it for today

Other rules:

  • minimize time searching for presets or creating synths. the point is to compose, not tinker with the timbres. you can work on these things later if you like the idea you came up with and want to work further on it
  • seriously: must stop at an hour. no going over time. no editing. render and post immediately to soundcloud.
  • you must use the first instrument or preset you land your mouse click on (being random = more fun). you're allowed one retry if the instrument is really that bad.
    • 87.5 bpm
    • Key: F
    Full Link
    Short Link (Twitter)