My daughter has now started to do dressage to music, a part of this is Dad having to edit together crazy combinations of music for her performance. The last one was a Hard Knock Life from Annie, which entailed editing 3 different versions of the song together as each part fitted a different section of her test.
I've been editing music for a long time and although parts of it were a bit "tricky" I found it relatively easy.
When she had done her test, which she did very well in for her first time, one of the main comments was how well the music worked and how did you get it.
Without the right software and experience this would have been very difficult to do.
This brings us to EquisMusic, I'd like to offer an editing service for you to pick the music you want for your test and I can then edit together and create a continuous piece of music for your dressage tests.
To start I'd like to offer 5 people a very reduced rate so I can see how much work it really involves and how much time it will take.
So what I'm offering is to create an edit for your with a consultation to discuss what you want, what music and where you want it edited.
All this for £25
If this is something that interest you give me a call on 07989418712 or FB message to discuss what I can do for you.

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