Inspired by the great poetry writer of Greece, he was my grandmother's cousin, Kostas Karyotakis.
Dimitris Horn recited the 'Sleep' ypnos-ύπνος poetry, was a great actor in rare recording at 1962.

Not easy to translate from Greek, but i hope is to close with original.

They will give us the gift and fate
get us go to die a night,
in the green coast of homeland.
Sweets will sleep like children
sweetness. And each one of us in the upon to go,
the sky, the stars and the mundane.
It touches us as a dream wave.
And blue like wave our dream
He pulls us in to the never land.
Love it'll be in our hair breeze,
the breath of algae will anoints us,
and down from our large eyelids,
without we will catch it, we'll laugh.
The roses will move from the fences,
and it comes to be as our pillow.
To make us this harmony of sleep,
They will leave the nightingales in their sleep.
They will sleep sweet like the children
sweetness. And the girls of our village,
Wild pear trees, would stand around
then they will crouching for us, and they will secretly speaking us
for the golden huts, for the sun of the Sunday,
and for all-white flower pots,
for all our nice years were passed and gone.
The our hand holding by lady,
and as late we will close our eyes,
she will narrating us like a 'pallid voice' as a fairy-tale
for the bitterness of life. And the moon
will descend on our feet like a candle
In the end of time (life) we will sleep,
in the green coast of homeland.
Sweets we will sleep like the children
who cried all day and were tired.

All sounds from Roland fantom X6
Recite from Kariotakis poetry's archive.

Recorded and mastered with Ardour 5

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