It was a once clandestine ruling class of humans, who may have been, the most intelligent and cunning individuals to ever live.
It became a cesspool of the most careless, insensitive and foul children of the rich that anyone has witnessed in recorded history.
They came to run nations, and represent vast majorities of the worlds population in a time crucial to the future success of mankind.
The corrupt begin to breed a final undoing of human civilization in its death throes.
Humanity could not have possibly planned to deal its kind a more ill fated hand.

Sent back in time from our dismal dystopic future in the year 2077, The mission is clear. ENDERS is here to stop them.

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Ghost In The Shell First Assault Sounds
Cyberpunk Soundtrack Music
100bpm Electro Synthwave
Orchestral Synthesizer Strings
High Tech Hacker Trax
Noir Avant Garde Cyberpunk
Electronic Music Machine
Sounds like John Carpenter / The Terminator Theme Song

    Electronica, Synthwave, cyberpunk
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