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Droid Podcast / D-Node 179: Advanced Human

Advanced Human has a long history as a DJ, starting in 1988 as DJ Hi-Shock, and in recent years he’s come to lead the Elektrax Music label group, which includes Elektrax Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Android Muziq, Darknet and Hypnotic Room.

The Australian Elektrax head has released his own sounds through labels like Synewave, Counter Pulse, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, and Gynoid Audio, the latest of which is a 3-track contribution to the Counter Pulse series. His trademark sound is based on exploring the uncharted terrains of deep and gritty techno, with a strong affinity for dub chords and crunchy atmospheres surrounded by intricate percussion and a drive aimed at the dance floor. So deep and driving. That’s the idea, and this week’s mix transmits it.

Darkcell – Inertia (D.Carbone Remix)
Dark Room Alliance – Nekrose (Spark Taberner Remix)
Positive Merge – Claustrophobia (Advanced Human Remix)
Advanced Human – Deep Earth
Antonio De Angelis – Static
Mattias Fridell – Spherical Vault (Advanced Human Remix)
Ground Loop – Ampersand (Advanced Human Remix)
Dacido & Meta – Knockin on a Dark Room (Advanced Human Remix)
Go Hiyama – Length of Love (Bas Mooy Remix)
Developer – Formu [Gynoid]
Patrick Bolton – Jacked
88uw – Greyscale (Damon Wild Specified Pressure Mix)
88uw – Incorrigible
Chris Page – I Am Still (Damien Schneider Remix)
Marco Piovesan aka PVS – E-xperiment 003 [Gynoid]
Antonio De Angelis – Static (Raffaele Attanasio Remix)
Advanced Human – Maszyna [Counter Pulse]

    0:00   Darkcell - Inertia
    4:20   Dark Room Alliance - Nekrose
    7:40   Positive Merge - Claustrophobia
    14:20   Various Artists - Deep Earth
    16:00   Advanced Human - Deep Earth
    25:20   Various Artists - Spherical Vault
    27:40   Ground Loop - Ampersand (I)
    33:00   Various Artists - Knockin On a Dark Room
    36:00   Go Hiyama - Length of Love
    40:20   Developer - Formu
    41:40   Ground Loop, Lodbrok, Patrick Bolton, +plattform - Jacked
    43:00   Patrick Bolton - Jacked
    43:40   BCR Boys, Niereich, 88uw - Greyscale
    44:20   88uw - Greyscale
    46:40   88uw - Incorrigible
    49:00   Chris Page - I Am Still
    51:00   Various Artists - E-Xperiment 003
    53:20   Antonio De Angelis - Static
    56:20   Advanced Human - Maszyna

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