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    SNIPPET ATTACK #1 "The Nasty Sex Tape" original

    SNIPPET ATTACK #1 "The Nasty Sex Tape" by El HotFroG
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This mix tape is a collection of different Nasty scratch snippets that have been created in the last 2 years. You can also find every single snippet on YouTube. Have fun! Sex always sells well. Isn't it Donald? :-)


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    0:00   EL HOTFROG - Listen To My Shit! (Intro) [used Track: DAN THE AUTOMATOR - Buck Buck]
    0:54   EL HOTFROG - The Mothafu--in' Dick Transformed By A Magic Stick [used Track: LIL' KIM - Magic Stick]
    1:42   EL HOTFROG - What The F*ck! [used Track: DE LA SOUL - Let, Let Me In]
    2:52   EL HOTFROG - The Tickling Of The Uvula [used Tracks: T.J. STONE - She's Got To Have It; LAURA GREENE - La La La]
    3:45   EL HOTFROG - Deep Throat With Dr. Young [used Track: DEEP THROAT ANTHOLOGY - Oh, Doctor Young]
    5:12   EL HOTFROG - Waiting For The Bitch [used Track: THE DOORS - Five To One]
    5:59   EL HOTFROG - Come Correct And Eazy [used Track: EAZY-E - Nutz On Ya Chin]
    6:35   EL HOTFROG - A Venomous Bitch Quiz [used Track: VIKTOR VAUGHN - Pop Quiz [Bonus Extra Credit Remix]]
    7:55   EL HOTFROG - We Must Be In Love (Stop It, Let's Talk) [used Track: J DILLA - Love [Instrumental]]
    8:29   EL HOTFROG - The Good Likwit Dreamgirl Junkies [used Track: THE LIKWIT JUNKIES - Dreamgirl]
    10:59   EL HOTFROG - Braking For Bitches [used Track: OBIE TRICE - Got Some Teeth]
    12:06   EL HOTFROG - Messages From Funky Girls [used Track: MESANJARZ OF FUNK - Messengers Of Funk]
    12:38   EL HOTFROG - Sounds Like PuShi [used Track: THE GOATS - Do The Digs Dug]
    13:55   EL HOTFROG - Kick Sum Big Butt [used Track: GORILLAZ - 19/2000]
    14:46   EL HOTFROG - It's Dare To Suck With That [used Track: GORILLAZ - Dare]
    15:46   EL HOTFROG - The Old Voyager Bitch [used Track: DAFT PUNK - Voyager]
    17:54   EL HOTFROG - Invitation To Ass Kissin' And Ball Lickin' [used Tracks: METHOD MAN & REDMAN - Fire Ina Hole WU-TANG CLAN - Method Man]
    19:01   EL HOTFROG - Killah Heels Girl [used Track: GZA - Hell's Wind Stuff, Killah Hills 10304]
    19:48   EL HOTFROG - The Shogun Assassin Bitch [used Track: GZA - I Gotcha Back]
    20:44   EL HOTFROG - Do It Beneath The Surface [used Track: GZA - Beneath The Surface]
    21:35   EL HOTFROG - Scratch Ur Bitch On [MISSY ELLIOTT - Get Ur Freak On TOSHIKO YONEKAWA - The Cherry Blossoms (Sakura Sakura)]
    22:33   EL HOTFROG - Bitch Listen! [used Track: MISSY ELLIOTT - Izzy Izzy Ahh]
    23:18   EL HOTFROG - Die Qual Der Damenwahl [used Track: FLOWINIMMO - Damenwahl]
    24:39   EL HOTFROG - Get Another Pussy And A Bitch [used Track: FOXY BROWN - Why]
    25:24   EL HOTFROG - Slow Motion Bitch [used Track: RZA - Saian]
    26:53   EL HOTFROG - Sweet Nutcrackers [used Track: EN VOGUE - Love U Crazay]
    27:47   EL HOTFROG - Sexy Plexi Babe [used Track: JACK JOHNSON - Sexy Plexi]
    28:40   EL HOTFROG - Pour Un Flirt Avec Morsure [used Track: JANE BIRKIN - Pour Un Flirt Avec Toi]
    29:42   EL HOTFROG - Dancing Girls In India [used Track: MADLIB - Dancing Girls Theme]
    30:30   EL HOTFROG - Organ Orgy [used Track: DJ SHADOW - Organ Donor]
    32:11   EL HOTFROG - My Horny Turntable Is Bleeding [used Track: THE UNDERDOG - Nose Bleed]
    33:40   EL HOTFROG - No Skin Girl [used Track: DEL THA FUNKEE HOMOSAPIEN - Dark Skin Girls]
    34:15   EL HOTFROG - All You Groupies Make Me Sick [used Track: DEFARI - Spell My Name]
    35:28   EL HOTFROG - Rock Mo' Pussy [used Track: DJ QUIK - Mo' Pussy]
    36:15   EL HOTFROG - Lick My Balls, Bitch! [used Track: EVERLAST - I Got The Knack]
    37:01   EL HOTFROG - Listen To My Shit! (Outro) [used Track: DAN THE AUTOMATOR - Buck Buck]
    37:36   EL HOTFROG - Sabrinas Tits [aus dem Album ''Fairytales Between Reality And True Lies'' (2004)]

    Hip Hop
    • Type: Mix
    • Release Date: 12/06/2020 19:42
    • 91.5 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • Saxony, Deutschland
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