A mixtape of morning music. From The Rod Roderick tape archives.

*This tape was a bitch to convert! The tape kept getting stuck, and the deck would stop playing. I'd have to pull the tape out and smack it against my hand to loosen up the tape inside, then load it back in the deck to transfer. It stopped 5 different times, so i had to record the tape in sections, and then edit the mix back together. There were a couple of times that the deck started to eat the tape. Therefore, there are a few quick drop outs. Tape hiss has been removed, and I did some EQ work to make it sound better.

    5:20   Chris Rea - On The Beach
    12:00   Billy Griffin - Serious
    27:00   Lili & Sussie - Candy Love
    32:00   Rose Laurens - American Love
    44:20   The Earons - Land of Hunger
    47:20   Tracy Ackerman - Love Hangover (Original Version)
    1:00:00   Herb Alpert - Manhattan Melody.

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