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Profile description of Ed Ruskin:

Ed Ruskin, back in 2000 also known as tonE, is a german Dj and producer, now focused mostly on Drum and Bass. Being a versatile Dj means playing a broad variety including Liquidfunk, Neurofunk, Techstep and even darker sounds like Darkstep, Breakcore and Crossbreed.

He was inspired by various legendary artists back to 1996 when he starts mixing DnB thanks to an old friend : Querbass Crew's Spheric aka sH1.

He is part of the "Querbass" Drum & Bass crew along with great and inspiring guys like Carisma, sH1, Red Husk, Oxyt, Discord and Pat Styx. Also featuring a radio show on 95.9fm and hosting multiple event series, from "QUERBASS" over "BASS-STATION" to his little child "BASSMENT" which is known for it's rougher sounds from different Drum & Bass subgenres.

He takes inspiration from banging acts like Current Value, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Borderline, Teddy Killers, Calyx & Teebee as well as Optiv & Btk and many many more.

#neurofunk #techstep #liquidfunk #darkstep #breakcore #crossbreed #halftime #jungle

    0:00   Coresplittaz - Coronal Mass Ejection
    4:40   Forbidden Society - Boycott
    7:40   Forbidden Society - Criminal
    17:20   Forbidden Society - World On Fire
    21:00   Neutral Point - Euphoria
    26:20   Gorebug - Bunker Buster
    29:40   Current Value - Senescence
    33:20   Sinister Souls & Neks - Their Destiny
    37:20   Forbidden Society - Crack Em' All
    41:00   Forbidden Society - Paradise
    44:40   Proton Kid - Danger Time
    48:00   The Sect featuring Hostile MC - Advanced Science
    55:00   Forbidden Society - Primal Root
    1:00:20   The Sect - Indoctrination
    1:24:40   Hallucinator - Sick Society

    Drum & Bass, Darkstep
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 180 bpm
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution, Share Alike
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