Induction heating is heating of conductive (mainly metal) bodies and ionized gases using an induction heating machine as a consequence of heat generation by means of eddy (induction) currents excited by an alternating electromagnetic field. Provides a non-contact mode of energy transfer from an electromagnetic field source (inductor) to a heated body with its conversion to heat directly in the body; the most efficient way of heating. During induction heating, the heat released in a heated body (according to Joule-Lenz law) depends on its magnitude and physical properties, frequency and intensity of the magnetic field. A high frequency induction heating equipment is used to generate a lot of heat which melts metals at its best.

Induction brazing done by handheld induction brazing heater offers many advantages over flame or oven brazing. The strengths of this technology are above all the rapid, precise and reproducible heat input as well as the reliable process of the application.

Induction brazing offers optimal conditions for series production

The rate of heating during processes such as soft soldering or hard soldering is much higher than during furnace or flame heating. Induction brings heat into the volume near the surface while flame or oven heating only heats the surface. Therefore, induction heating of parts is faster than heating using traditional methods. The use of powerful and precisely tuned generators is necessary to ensure fast and reliable heating.

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