A big thank you to Sarf for his amazing set! For this week’s Drone Podcast, we’re traveling to Argentina.

This young, talented Techno Minded Hero is from Buenos aires to be precise and is part of a new emerging generation. He is influenced by the likes of Kraftwerk, Front 242, Marcel Dettmann, Planetary Assault Systems, Stanislav Tolkachev.

He started producing at the age of 12, and it’s paying off because his dancefloor focused techno is being released on labels like Armed, ATA Series, Dyad, Holliday Addicts, GKNSTR, Off White Records. and is getting played by bigger and bigger names around the globe

As a performer, he is starting to get a nice list of played gigs and for his upcoming gigs, you can catch him on 18th of march on Downstairs at Cocoliche and on the 16th of April on the Armed Showcase at Pulse.

And for the Drone Podcast he put a fresh set together with only his own productions which covers about 90 pro-cent of unreleased material!

We are happy to welcome him to the Drone Family on the Drone Podcast No.71 Tomas Kunkel


Track List:

"All tracks written by Tomas Kunkel"
1 Corta - [Unreleased]
2 Detachable - [Unreleased]
3 Over - [Unreleased]
4 Can't Talk, Can't Walk - [Unreleased]
5 Red Dots For Everyone - [ErrorSessions.Rec]
6 Regrow - [Unreleased]
7 Message From Heaven's Gate - [Unreleased]
8 Bourana - [Unreleased]
9 Desert Girl - [Holliday Addicts]
10 Esfera - [Unreleased]
11 Fake People - [Unreleased]
12 Signs (Problems) - [Krill Music]
13 Helping Is Costly - [Unreleased]
14 Vanished - [Unreleased]
15 Requirements - [GKNSTR]
16 Curator - [Unreleased]
17 Voyager - [Unreleased]

Born in 1995, Tomas Kunkel began his relationship with music from an early age, attracted by sounds from the 80s, Punk, and New Wave / Synth Pop Argentine and Kraftwerk.
He met techno thanks to great influences such as Marcel Dettmann, James Ruskin, Planetary Assault Systems and Jeff Mills, among others. With only 12 years, he began his first steps in production, a fact that would boost his career over the years.
Kunkel currently has released on digital labels like Armed, Holliday addicts (Argentina), Ata Series (Chile) and Off White (Italy). And his tracks have been played in various clubs around the world by artists such as Dimi Angelis, Patrik Skoog, Stainslav Tolkachev, Markus Suckut, Answer Code Request, Laurient Garnier and Ben Gibson; among others.
He has recently released his first track on vinyl, titled ’’Altered Chants’’ in a VA for the Dyad label (England) along with Rommek, STK and VSK.
He continues to improve his style, mostly linked to the old school and working for his second vinyl release, for the label GKNSTR (Germany), and several new projects.



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    29:00   Tomas Kunkel - Desert girl (Original Mix)

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