Profile description of Dr. Gore2000:

DR. GORE2000 is an Spanish electro-industrial band formed in 1994. Initially, it was planned as a solo project known as DR. GORE, but after releasing some demos, on 1999 with year 2000 bug in mind, the one man band changed the name to DR. GORE2000.

From 1994 to 2000 DR. GORE released two sef-produced demo tapes. This is one of the marks of the band, all of their albums are self-produced without intervention of external vendors or any kind of interferences which could censure the way DR. GORE2000 understand music.

On 2000 it is released the first official album of the "band" as a solo project. The name of the record was "Beat Reminixcences". This album is an overview of EBM and industrial sounds from a dance vision perspective. The complete album is a sample of how industrial music can reach dance clubs and how the most terrifying electronic sounds and the most bloody guitars can shoot the ears of people who are not use to, and make them enjoy it.

Two years later, on 2002, the one man band released the second album "Cardiac Arrest". This record continues the way started in previous record although the sound becomes darker and less easy to listen. Cardiac Arrest marks the starting point of sound transition from first album to third album, including a combination of both records, including a lot of electronic sounds, more presence of electronic sampled guitar riffs, thousands of processed samples and the most headaching beats.
The seed was planted with the last solo album from DR. GORE2000.

On 2003 DR. GORE2000 started to work as band. Singer (Dr. Gore), drummer (P.IV), guitarist (Six Strings) and programing (M2000) start work together creating the new sound of DR. GORE2000.

On 2004 the band released their third official record "The Dark Side of Mind". This is the first album from Mind trilogy and first record played as a band which changes the initial concept of DR. GORE2000 and how they sound. This conversion produced a more humanized style and a more rotten industrial sound, including new layers and instruments which make the band grow and set the base of their future sound. "The Dark Side of Mind" is a perfect combination of electronic elements, filtered crunchy guitars and distorted voices. Dark backgorunds, cold spheres, electronic basses, synthetic drums complete this package brought from hell and played with evil sounds.
Let your mind fly to the underworld.

2008 is the time for the second album from Mind Trilogy "Perverted Infected Mind". Band concept is more present than ever. As the name says, it is an album designed by a perverted infected mind. The most powerful electronic sounds have come back. A new perfect traumatized combination of the crudest sounds from beyond the grave and the most avant-garde rock and electronics.
A new change of mindset ready to blow the mind of audience to pieces. Explosive pulsating beats, shooting guitar riffs, burst of digital sequences over you head and aggresive rvoices spiting orders direct for condemned souls. This is the most abrasive and aggressive fusion of rock and electronic music ever made by the band.

Just one year later, on 2009, DR. GORE2000 ends their Mind trilogy with album "Re-mind-eR". First song of the record collects an amazing combination of the best tracks of the first 2 albums from DR. GORE2000 to create a "DJ" session with another twist that make explode any head. This DJ set adds new guitars, new samplers, new effects, and new sounds to the previous tormented tracks in a 20min infernal combination. This record also expands the sounds of the band with 2 new resonating tracks.

After several of years of preparations and delays DR. GORE2000 change members around Dr. Gore. Guitarist C. Evil Ziv, Drummer D.K. Hell and programing DJ Nexus Sonar, keeping Dr. Gore as leader but officially changing name to Dr. Gore2000.
With this new killers on the floor, a new album is ready for releasing on late 2020. "Electronic Antibody Music" is a play on words which refers to EBM music, Electronic Body Music. New album from Dr Gore2000 sounds energizing like crank, yet gentle like a gorilla. Metal guitars are wedded to mind-numbing, pounding beats, disturbing samples and filtered/distorted voices. The complete package is like a mindbomb.

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    • 140 bpm
    • Key: Am
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