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    Douglas Deep's Radio Show #27 04/07/16 - PsychoNavigation Records by Douglas Deep's Shed Collective
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The Shed Collective presents a night of tunes from PsychoNavigation Records.

When the Sky Fell Down Anodyne
Mes Lackluster
Click, Clack, It's All the Same Ben Bix
Good News for Pyros Ciaran Byrne
elektrum (go past) (Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann) Hans Joachim Roedelius
Drops To Repeat Lorenzo Montanà
Rajza Po Parku Karol Gwozdz
That Place (Gocat Mix) Anne Garner
Met And Cast Brawdcast feat. Met
Brushwork Enrico Coniglio and Elisa Marzorat
Spoot Lorenzo Montanà.
Here Is Someone Who Stood Up Matthew Devereux
I See Hypnotic Waveforms Johnny Yesterday
Acquatinta #7 Federico Mosconi
All Around Me Sense
Gelb Electric Penguins
Acid Twilight Emmerichk
Seven Most. Kohshi Kamata
Cop Theme P.P.Roy
Insect Invasion Lorenzo Montanà
3 AM Bedtime Buckminster Fuzeboard
707 Anodyne
She Has (The Buddy System Mix) Anne Garner
3rd World Bickley O'Farrell
Silent Protest Living Room
The Reader Buckminster Fuzeboard
A Dog Called Slippery Buckminster Fuzeboard
Mexico Geisha
Transforming the Past Emmerichk
Sixty Nine (Andreas Florin Remix) The Blunted Boy Wonder
Across the Snow Imploded View
All Your Life Bickley O'Farrell

    1:00   Anodyne - When the Sky Fell Down
    8:20   Ben Bix - Click, Clack, It's All the Same
    16:20   Ciaran Byrne - Good News for Pyros
    21:20   The Orb - Shem Version
    25:20   Lorenzo Montanà - Drops to Repeat
    29:20   Karol Gwozdz - Rajza Po Parku
    37:40   Enrico Coniglio - Brushwork
    41:40   Lorenzo Montanà - Spoot
    54:00   Federico Mosconi - Acquatinta #7
    56:20   Sense - All Around Me
    1:02:40   Emmerichk - Acid Twilight
    1:08:00   Kohshi Kamata - Seven Most
    1:15:40   Lorenzo Montanà - Insect Invasion
    1:20:20   Anodyne - 707
    1:30:40   Bickley O'Farrell - 3rd World (Chris Coco & Sacha Puttnam Mix))
    1:34:40   The Living Room - Silent Protest
    1:41:20   Buckminster Fuzeboard - The Reader
    1:47:20   Geisha - Mexico
    1:52:40   Emmerichk - Transforming the Past
    2:01:40   Imploded View - Across the Snow

    Electronica, Ambient, Glitch, IDM, Radio Show
    • Type: Podcast
    • Release Date: 07/04/2016 12:00 AM
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