Because it’s not all old people music round ours…

Here’s a spur of the moment, seat of the pants, hot off the press mix of mostly new but sometimes not sounds. Harshed buzzes, unplugged electronics, nauseating bass lurch, deep space exploration, Baba Yaga throbs, stethoscope excursions and demented skank. Tyneside represent!

    Kevin Richard Martin - Feedback Cycle 7 - Angel Of Death
    Daniel Herskedal - Våkenatt
    Dextro - Connect
    Nick Edwards - The Same
    Deep Space Duo - Saturn’s Mystery Moon, “Peggy”
    Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange - Land
    IX Tab - The Empty Shell (II)
    Wreaths - Moss Cauled
    Nathalie Stern - Blade Patch
    Teleplasmiste - Possessors of the Orb
    Radiophonic Workshop - Not Come To Light
    Staraya Derevnya - 13.10.17 (Excerpt)
    Chlorine - Vowel Rembor
    Sly & The Family Drone - My Torso Is A Shotgun
    Workin' Man Noise Unit - 1970
    Mummise Guns - Dog Cocked
    Grey Hairs - Piss Trangressor
    King Cannibal - Doomsday Dancehall
    Coil - Broken Aura (Bjarki Pandemix)
    Craven Faults - Eller Ghyll (President Bongo Rework)
    Mike Bourne - Hop The Railings

    Electronica, Hardcore, Ambient, Experimental, Techno, Bass, Drone
    • Type: Live
    • 157 bpm
    • Key: D
    • House Of Stagger
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