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Original song created solely 100% by DJ Tom Watson. Unique combination of Dance, EDM, Future House and Hip-Hop.

*Warning; "Explicit Lyrics: Parental Advisory"

Everything you hear in this song including the vocals and all instrumentation was composed, created, performed, played, recorded, mixed and mastered solely by DJ Tom Watson at his own studio, Current Sound

Story behind this song:

I am a full time music producer from Australia. My income comes for producing, mixing and recording for other artists, yet no one knows who I am. I flew to Miami by myself to checkout the clubs but none of them would let me in without a woman, yet I did not even know anyone in the whole country at the time, they did not care I came all the way from Australia to go to the clubs or that I was dressed all pimped out and the funny thing is, being a ghost producer, they would play my own songs without even knowing, I've even been outside clubs before, hearing songs I've produced that were released under another DJ or artist's name, and the bouncer won't let me into the club. This is the bad side of ghost producing. Help make this song popular so I don't have an issue getting into clubs anymore :) This is the joke at the start of the song, my song is playing outside the club but I can't get in. All the music is to simulate trying to sneak into the club.

I did everything in the track, the rap, the music, is all original, performed and composed by myself, everything you hear in the song, the vocals, the music, every sound was played by myself on the keyboard and mixed and mastered by myself in my studio, no one touched or contributed to the song other than me. I even made the pretty single artwork for the song on Soundcloud.

This song is completely original and available for signing, publishing, licensing, etc...

Even though this is my story, if the bouncer won't let you into the club one night and tried to use the lame excuse of your clothes or shoes or whatever, tell him that you're a VIP Clubber Undercover, like your clothes or shoes are plain on purpose because you don't want your fans to recognize you, "there's something you don't know about me... I'm a VIP Clubber Undercover." Maybe you will have more luck getting in than me ;)

Small plug for my studio. My recording, mixing and production studio is moving from Australia to Los Angeles in 2018. Come stop by and I'll make an awesome song for you

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