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Lets Travel... To The Outer Space !

Track List:

  1. Timeless Truth- Cold Wave
  2. John Robinson & Kyo Itachi- Indigo Child & Dj Djaz
  3. Sinks- Eyes Wide Feat. DJ 2Buck
  4. MC Shinobi- Absolute Attention
  5. Doppelgangaz- Rap Battle
  6. Vertual Vertigo- Air (Maker Remix)
  7. Epidemic- Space Travellin'
  8. Propo88- That's How The Game Go feat. Self
  9. Drumz & Llingo- That Og Sound feat. Ikan
  10. Formulatin Fathers- Flexin & Whilin'
  11. Omniverses- Members Of The Headnod Clan
  12. Klaus Layer- Sleepy Hollow People feat. K.A.A.N.
  13. MZ BoomBap- Life Over Death feat. Awon
  14. Pete Flux & Parental- Warming Up feat. Dj Lod
  15. Brous One- Keep It Live feat. Blu & Kunal
  16. Stainless Steele- Deprivation Tank
  17. George Fields- Just Like Before ft. AG, Glad2Mecha
  18. Kid Tsunami- Catch Wreck feat. O.C & Dj Bless
  19. Praverb The Wyse- Unsung Heroes feat. Supastition & Kenn Starr
  20. Alps Cru- Bloodwork
  21. Professor P & Dj Akilles- So Simple feat. Your Old Droog
  22. Professor P & Dj Akilles- Shibuya (Outro)

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Cover Art by Peespet

Peace to dustyroom.pl

    2:40   John Robinson and Kyo Itachi featuring DJ Djaz - Indigo Child
    8:00   MC Shinobi - Absolute Attention
    32:20   Klaus Layer - Sleepy Hollow People - 1
    37:20   Parental - Warming Up
    40:20   Brous One - Keep It Live
    43:00   Stainless Steele - Deprivation Tank
    46:00   George Fields feat. AG and Glad2Mecha - Just Like Before
    48:00   Kid Tsunami - Catch Wreck

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