Every track in this podcast is somehow connected to Peter Rauhofer- from some of his most unique and magical remixes, to mixes inspired by *69, the Roxy parties and several of the "Work" parties I was privileged to work on. Most every track is edited down and even then, I wasn't able to include some of my favorites.

I truly enjoyed making this podcast for someone that was a big influence in bringing some of the best music in our lifetime.... His sound will continue influencing us for years to come.... enjoy and thank you Peter !

Track Listing:

  1. UNIQUE-Club 69 (Peter Rauhofer Uniqueapella)
  2. DON'T STOP THE MUSIC-Rihanna (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction)(Edit)
    Acapella: Unique (Club 69)
  3. KIKI-Scissor Scissors (Rauhofer vs Verde)(Paulo Rework)
  4. DANCEFLOOR-Inaya Day (Peter Rauhofer Remix)
  5. WHATEVA-Ralph Falcon (Peter Rauhofer Remix)(Edit)
    Acapella: Real Bitch (Peter Rauhofer)
  6. SEXY LOVE-Residence DJ's (Rauhofer Remix)(Edit)
  7. MEET HER AT THE LOVE PARADE-Da Hool (Club 69 Tribal Anthem)(Edit)
    Acapella: Drama (Club 69)
  8. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH X-Soulsearcher vs X99 (Rauhofer vs Paulo Mash)
  9. THROB-Janet Jackson (Rauhofer Remix) (Edit)
    Acapella: Let Me Your Underwear (Club 69)
  10. THIS IS WHY YOU'RE HERE vs RA RA-Rauhofer vs Paulo Mash
  11. DIVA-Club 69 (Dj Paulo vs Demu Mix)
  12. TURN IT UP-Paris Hilton ( Rauhofer Remix)(Edit)
  13. UPGRADE YOU-Beyonce (Rauhofer Remix)(Edit)
  14. DON'T YOU WANT SUM MORE-Peter Rauhofer (Edit)
  15. I AM READY-Size 9 (Rauhofer)(Revamp)
  16. WORK IT TO THE BONE-LNR (Tribal Tarante Mix)(Edit)
  17. TRIBAL MADNESS-Sizequeen (DJ Paulo's "Work" Mix)
  18. MUSICA ELECTRICA-Alma Matris (Drum Edit)
  19. PET SHOP BOYS-Break 4 Love (Jackinsky's Love Remix)
  20. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD-Zander Bleck (Rauhofer vs Ozborne Rmx)
  21. HOW DO YOU FEEL-David Morales (Peter Rauhofer Remix)(Edit)

    10:20   Scissor Sisters - Let's Have A Kiki
    13:00   Inaya Day - Movin' Up
    17:40   Ralph Falcon - Whateva
    23:40   Residence Deejays - Sexy Love
    1:11:40   SizeQueen - I Am Ready
    1:14:20   LNR - Work It To The Bone (Tibal Tarante Remix)
    1:19:20   Alma Matris - Rumore Chimico
    1:26:20   Steven Lee - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    1:31:20   David Morales - How Would U Feel

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