My set kicking off the music Saturday morning at the 23rd OODE gathering. This is actually a recreation since I didn't get it recorded on site. As I played, I put my records back in my crate in the order that I played them, then wrote down the sequence. It was recorded in several chunks over the next few months of a busy summer, and then I stitched the pieces together. I absolutely love this event and am grateful to be able to share some of my weird sounds with a receptive audience.

    Sequentia - O Virga Mediatrix / Alma Redemptoris Mater [Deutsche Harmonia Mundi]
    Leyland Kirby - We Might Just Lose This One [History Always Favors the Winners]
    Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come - Time Captives [Passport]
    Radiohead - Kid A [Pariophone]
    Phil Western - Hampi [Map Music]
    Firesign Theater - Sodom and Jubilee [Columbia]
    Strata 3 - I Can’t Cry [Bush]
    Black Moon - I Got Cha Opin (Transmission mix) [Nervous Dog]
    John Callaghan - Do You Love It [Uncharted Audio]
    Benge - Dream of Dreamy [Quatermass]
    Octavcat - Lcary Sullaby [Uncharted Audio]
    Marcia Blaine School for Girls - Ned Rites [Benbecula]
    Exit 47 - War in the Forest [La Luna]
    Rolando Simmons - Volca Ballad [Future Massive]
    Benni - More Than Man (Machine Supreme) [Goner]
    [[PRESSURES]] - I’m a Vocoder [Medical Records]
    Microlith - Untitled 68 [Fundamental]
    Manilla - Lorenzo [Uncharted Audio]

    Electronica, Outdoors, eclectic, IDM, Electro, Cascadia
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 167 bpm
    • Key: Dm
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