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Fault Trace May [Final Mix]

Live Interview with Damiano Arcane Trickster Tempest records and Ben of Stickleback

Tempest records
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Tempest Recordings was founded in 1998 by lifelong friends & frequent musical collaborators, Damiano Verna & Christopher Innes.
Our vision was to create a label for electronic music unfettered by genres and scenes where artists could release the music that pleased them & collaboration would be encouraged.
The Tempest team now consists of Damiano Verna, Rob McPherson & Ben Heppel.
Tempest is proud to be part of the CUT Music Group, along with Unicorn Music (Uplifting Trance/Goa Trance) & Cosmicleaf Records (Chill/ Ambient) and we frequently work together with our sister labels.

Arcane Trickster
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  • Launching the album 'Far From Here'.
    Arcane Trickster is a project centered around producer, Damiano Verna. Usually operating as a collaborative project with a variety of musicians, in particular long time musical partner, John Crombie, Arcane Trickster's eclectic music spans the genres of electronic music. Arcane Trickster have released on labels such as Tempest Recordings, Cosmicleaf Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Liberation, Equinox Productions, Earthcore, Green Ant, and more.…/arcane-tricks...-horse-bazaar-d

Stickleback. ( (

  • Launching the album 'Fireworks'.
    The Hep Cat Heppel has been producing genre bending music for over 15 years. Coming from a live music background, he seamlessly mixes organic with electronic, creating amazing music which is hard to classify. File under: glitch/electronica,prime beats.
    Labels to release Stickleback include Synchronos Recordings, Cosmicleaf, Slalom Records, Eyelash Records, Rajon and Yellow Sunshine Explosion.
    The CUT Music Group is proud to be distributed worldwide by Arabesque Distribution for CDs & IRIS Distribution for Digital.

Stickleback ( (
Slipping On Black Ice
(Tempest13 - Slipping On Black Ice)

Arcane Trickster:
Tempest59 - Far From Here)
tempest ( )(

Arcane Trickster:
Far From Here
(Tempest59 - Far From Here)

Stickleback ( (
Road Trip
(Tempest35 - Taxonomy)

Arcane Trickster:
Blit (Backlit Mix)
(Tempest59 - Far From Here)
( )(

Stickleback ( (
(Tempest58 - Fireworks)
( )(

Arcane Trickster:
(unreleased - Slice Records)

Stickleback ( (
And Fletcher
(Tempest58 - Fireworks)
( )(

Stickleback ( (
Tecky Break
(Unreleased - Tempest Recordings)
( )(

Garagee LDHB (Arcane Trickster Remix)
(Tempest54 - LDHB)

Arcane Trickster
The Attributed
(Tempest50 - A Tempest Sampler)
( )(

  1. Stickleback ( (
    Mission (Unreleased)
    Tempest Recordings)
    ( )(

Red Eye Express
Aqua (Arcane Trickster Remix)
(Unreleased - Tempest Recordings)

Stickleback ( (
In Motion
(Unreleased - Tempest Recordings)
( )(

Dense & Fourth Dimension (
A Few Million Volts (Arcane Trickster Remix)
(Cosmicleaf Records) ( (

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    7:40   Stickleback - Slipping On Black Ice
    14:20   Arcane Trickster - Kokopelli
    29:00   Arcane Trickster - Far from Here
    35:00   Stickleback - Road Trip
    40:40   Arcane Trickster - Blit (Backlit Mix)
    50:00   Stickleback - Fireworks (Arcane Trickster Remix)
    1:10:20   Stickleback - And Fletcher
    1:20:40   Garagee - L D H B
    1:34:00   Arcane Trickster - The Attributed
    1:40:00   Zippy Kid - Irma, I Love You Forever
    2:02:20   Dense/Fourth Dimension - A Few Million Volts (Arcane Trickster Remix)
    2:05:40   Dense, Fourth Dimension - A Few Million Volts

    Techno, elctronic, dub, psy chill, trip hop, Dub Techno, Industrial Techno, Electronic
    • Type: Live
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