1561# Subterranean Zone radio presented by Infectious Unease Radio 14 01 24 & 16 01 24 D&B Dub Jungle Garage

featuring: Wilhaeven(Canada), Disown Me Recordings(Canada), Silent Cubes, Ert, Utopia Fade, Two-Weeks, Dark Heart Recordings, Sistasara(Usa), Hummingbird(Japan), Magic Empire, Weedical Dub, Green Beats Dub Netlabel(Mexico), Spraggy(France), Nick Pulpman (France), Raw , Paradigm Records(France),
Zion Dirty Sound(Mexico), Spectral Dub(Mexico), Munay Ki Dub , Muflon Dub Sound System(Poland), Tokiboun In Dub(Switzerland), Lance Hume, I-Niverse Meets Leo Tan(England)
Dubophonic Records(Cyprus), Hertenfels(Austria), Rue, Yamatai Records(England), Somejerk(USA), Gifta (France), Blinde(England) Yamatai Records(England), Bad Ethos(Scotland), Bman(Belgium),
Monkey Bussiness(Belgium), Sweggy(Canada) ,

was played on these stations and at these times and dates

99.9 Music Wax Radio, Indianapolis Indiana USA _ 14 01 24 6pm to 8pm (18:00 hours to 20 hours) EST Sunday Night
streaming link: fmradiofree.com/embed/wax-radi...anapolis-483250

facebook invite: facebook.com/events/8789995069...878999523604402

96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 16 01 24 Tuesday Night 11pm–1am Tuesday Night (23:00 Hours To 01:00 Hours)
streaming link: innerfm.org.au
Facebook invite:facebook.com/events/3739175049...739175073066795

Wilhaeven(Canada) - Burnt In Light - Infinite Jest -Disown Me Recordings

Silent Cubes - Neon Rain - Rural Diaries - Dark Heart Recordings

Ert - Pensieve - Arise - Dark Heart Recordings

Utopia Fade, Two-Weeks - Dystopian Fade - Dark Heart Recordings

Sistasara(Usa) The Road Unexplored(Single)

Hummingbird(Japan) - The Birds In A Babylon(Single)

Magic Empire_Mystical Temple - Omeyocan - Green Beats Dub Netlabel(Mexico)

Weedical Dub - Red Tribe Dub -Red Tribe - Green Beats Dub Netlabel(Mexico)

Spraggy(France) Truth Is The Truth(Single)

Nick Pulpman - The Gift Of Love - Val Tribulatio - Raw Paradigm Records(France)

Zion Dirty Sound(Mexico) - Faya & War Ina Babylon - Fils D' Abraham - Dubophonic Records

Spectral Dub(Mexico) - Dog Aullidub (Single)

Munay Ki Dub - Bad Babylon (Thriakis Remix)(Single) Dubophonic Records(Cyprus)

Muflon Dub Sound System(Poland) - Sweetest Dub - - Rise Up Dub/ Sweetest Dub (Ep)

Tokiboun In Dub(Switzerland) - King Of Sitar Feat. Lance Hume -World In Peace - Dubophonic Records(Cyprus)

I-Niverse Meets Leo Tan(England) - Jahovah Dub(Single) - Dubophonic Records(Cyprus)

Hertenfels(Austria) - The Watchtower Ft. Leoperdz (Master By As Mastering)

Hertenfels(Austria) - Urban Nights (Master By As Mastering)

Rue - Attract- Attraction Complex Ep - Yamatai Records(England)

Somejerk(USA) - 4 Horsemen (Dub) - Fall

Gifta (France) - The Ultimate Weapon - The Ultimate Weapon

Bad Ethos(Scotland) - - Bada Boom - Earth From Space(Ep)

Bman(Belgium) - Bass Of The Underground - - Junglism Monkey Bussiness(Belgium)

Sweggy(Canada) - Different(Single)

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    Drum & Bass, drumfunk, Darkcore, jungle hardcore crossbreed breakcore darkstep breakbeat drumfunk darkstep core & bass junglecore rav, UK Garage, 2-Step, 4×4, Bassline, Grime, Speed Garage Dub Music, Dubtronica, Dubstyle, Ambient Dub, Reggae, 2-Tone, Dub, Roots Reggae
    • Type: Live
    • 87 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • info@infectiousuneaseradio.com
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