1557# Subterranean Zone radio presented by Infectious Unease Radio 17 12 23 & 19 12 23 D&B Dub Jungle Garage

Featuring: Unlit& Greencyde, Apolo Apolo, Auel, Distillat, Last Chariot, Unlit, Greencyde, Dark Heart Recordings, Sistasara, Spraggy(Domica), Prince François Far I, Igl & Alecho, Tokiboun In Dub(Switzerland),
Dubophonic Records(Cyprus), Zak Meow, Born , Dysphemic((Australia), Climpo, Hertenfels(Austria), Sour Diesel, Doom Poets(England), Tech Itch Recording, Oppenheimer(Australia), Tribe Steppaz, Roughcut, Absolute Magnitude, Hertenfels(Austria), Bad Ethos(Scotland), Cradle(Australia), Sweggy(Canada)

Hearthis: Can be downloaded : hearthis.at/djinfectiousunease...b-jungle-garage

Infectious Unease Radio website detailed playlist: infectiousuneaseradio.com/2023...shed-on-youtube

was played on these stations and at these times and dates

99.9 Music Wax Radio, Indianapolis Indiana USA _ 17 12 23 6pm to 8pm (18:00 hours to 20 hours) EST Sunday Night
streaming link: fmradiofree.com/embed/wax-radi...anapolis-483250

facebook invite: facebook.com/events/8726959043...872695924334837

96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 19 12 23 Tuesday Night 11pm–1am Tuesday Night (23:00 Hours To 01:00 Hours)
streaming link: innerfm.org.au
Facebook invite: facebook.com/events/3699950987...369995172099106

Unlit& Greencyde - Asylum- Asylum/Suspect [Dark_Heart_Recordings]

Apolo Apolo -Love -Bone Picker [Dark_Heart_Recordings]

Auel & Distillat - They Are In The Walls - They Are In The Walls [Dark_Heart_Recordings]

Last Chariot-Pantheon - Shalen/Patheron/Penchant [Dark_Heart_Recordings]

Unlit& Greencyde - Suspect- Asylum/Suspect [Dark_Heart_Recordings]

Sistasara-The Road Unexplored(Single)


Prince François Far I - The Sax Of Love- The Gift Of Love

Igl & Alecho - Deliver Me - Revolution - Dubophonic Records(Cyprus)

Tokiboun In Dub(, Switzerland) - King Of Sitar Feat. Lance Hume -World In Peace - Dubophonic Records(Cyprus)

Hertenfels(Austria) - Urban Nights (Master By As Mastering)

Zak Meow Ft. Born I - Born To Rise (Hertenfels Straight Remix)

Dysphemic((Australia)) - Heartless

Climpo - Valkyries Revenge (Hertenfels Remix)

Cradle(Australia) - Lupexo - Lupexo

Cradle(Australia)- Gary's Autonomy - Gary's Autonomy

Cradle(Australia)- 02 Flesh Prison - Gary's Autonomy

Hertenfels(Austria) & Sour Diesel - Mind Hunter

Doom Poets(England) - Inbred Massacre - Nonexistent - Tech Itch Recording

Oppenheimer(Australia)_Voodoodisko Opus Remix

Tribe Steppaz & Roughcut - Jamrock Rmx

Absolute Magnitude & Hertenfels(Austria) - Your Future (Feat. Hertenfels)

Bad Ethos - My Raff - Earth From Space

Cradle(Australia)- Expanda - Lupexo

Sweggy(Canada) - Close To Me.

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    Drum & Bass, Drum & Bass, Darkcore, Darkstep, Drumfunk, Intelligent Drum and Bass, Liquid Funk Neurofunk Oldschool Jungle: Darkside Jungle Ragga Jungle Raggacore Sambass Techstep, UK Garage 2-Step 4×4 Bassline Grime Speed Garage, Drum & Bass Darkcore Darkstep Drumfunk Drumst
    • Type: Live
    • 87.5 bpm
    • Key: Em
    • info@infectiousuneaseradio.com
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