1547# Subterranean Zone radio presented by Infectious Unease Radio 08 10 23 & 08 10 233 D&B Dub Jungle Garage.

Was Play At these Stations

Subterranean Zone radio presented by Infectious Unease Radio
99.9 Music Wax Radio, Indianapolis Indiana USA _08 10 23 7pm to 9pm (19:00 hours to 21 hours) Sunday Night
streaming link: fmradiofree.com/embed/wax-radi...anapolis-483250
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96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 08 10 23 Tuesday Night 11pm–1am Tuesday Night (23:00 Hours To 01:00 Hours)
streaming link: innerfm.org.au

Featuring:AshJerona, Med-School(England), Lenzman(England), Metalheadz(England), Reso (England), Hospital Records(England), Svnth-Crcl (Australia), Sub-Label Recordings(England), Anile (England), Electrosoul System, Fada,
Pinecone Moonshine(USA), Rawtekk(Germany), Systemic(England, Homemade Weapons, Cause of Death, Darkstep Implantant, Veak(France), Bad Ethos Sound(Scotland), Supa Ape ft Lady Soul, UK Jungle Records, Oppenheimer(Australia), Cradle(Australia), Hybryd(Australia), collectiveforce(Australia), SomeJerk (USA), Bhut Jolokia, Andy BSK(Germany), Sweggy(Canada)

AshJerona - You Got Me - New Blood 014 - Med-School (England)

Lenzman(England) - Private Eye - Looking At The Stars – Metalheadz(England)

Reso (England) - Taiga - Ricochet (NHS270CD) - hospital records (England)

Seventh Circle (Svnth-Crcl)(Australia) - Devouring Shadows - Aspectz - Sub-Label Recordings (England)

Anile (England) - Losing My Mind - Perspective - Med-School(England)

Electrosoul System -Time traveler - Flawless MEDIC49DD - Med-School(England)

Fada - Start From the End (Play It Again) - Pinecone Variations - Pinecone Moonshine(USA)

Rawtekk(Germany) - Aftermath - Here's To Them MEDIC58DD - Med-School (England)

Systemic(England) - the way i feel

Systemic(England) - Girl from Ipanema -Remix- - Radio edit - Girl from Ipanema -Remixes- -

Homemade Weapons - Traitors - Traitors ep

Cause of Death - Fuck Society - Broken Systems EP - Darkstep | Implantant

Veak(France) - Bad Load(Single)

Supa Ape ft Lady Soul - Trees(single) - UK Jungle Records

Bad Ethos Sound(Scotland) - Psycho Bill

Oppenheimer(Australia) - I Promised You Nothing - Class Action Suite

Cradle(Australia) - Atmospheric River - Peacekeeper

Hybryd(Australia) - Dreams - collectiveforce

SomeJerk (USA) - Culture Riddim (single)

Bhut Jolokia - Berliner Weisse(dub) - full

Andy BSK (Germany) - ( remix Sweggy (Canada) - Atlas (Sweggy Remix)

Sweggy (Canada) - Different(single)

Bad Ethos(Scotland) - Matt Trakker(Single)

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Drum & Bass, Jungle, Darkstep, Melodic Liquid Drum and Bass, Liquid Drum and Bass, dark drum and bass, Techno Drum and Bass, ragga jungle, dub, JUNGLE RAGGA, techstep, TechstepNeurofunk, Jazzstep

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    Drum & Bass, drum and bass, ragga jungle, jungle hardcore crossbreed breakcore darkstep breakbeat drumfunk darkstep core & bass junglecore rav, darkstep, Liquid, Liquid DrumnBass, Liquid Funk, jungle, dub, dark drum and bass, Melodic Liquid Drum and Bass / Liquid Funk / Liqui
    • Type: Live
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