1532# Infectious Unease Radio 25_06_23 & 27_06_23 Industrial,Gothic,HorrorPunk,Punk,Darkwave,Indie ,Coldwave, synthwave
featuring: Schkeuditzer Kreuz(Australia), Deadfilmstar(USA), Dasf(England), Blackcarburning (England), Cop International(USA), Emerald Park(Sweden), Slighter(USA), Morgenstern(Switzerland), Noistruct (Australia), Ende(Australia),
Dead Light(England), DarkTunes Music Group(Germany), Lunar Paths(USA), Talking To Shadow(USA), Cold Eyes(USA), The Quinsy(Russia), Jluc Courchet aka SPIRYT(France), Louise Patricia Crane(England), Devoted Sinners (USA), Twice Dark(USA), Yikii(China/Hong kong), Flores de Tchernobyl (Mexico), Postlooperish (USA) , Who Saw Her Die?(USA), Scorpion Tea(USA), Give/Take (USA), Killtoys(Australia), Greg D Forschler(USA), The Pandemonium Bureau (Scotland/Japan), The Quinsy(Russia), Soft Vein(USA), Varsovie (France)


Was played on these stations and at these times

99.9 Wax Radio Indiana Indianapolis USA 25 06 23 Sunday Night 7pm to 9pm (19:00 to 21:00)
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/events/6504357402...650435756916944

96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 27_06_23 Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am
Facebook: facebook.com/events/6003787188...600378752158545

Schkeuditzer Kreuz(Australia) - Joy(Single)

Deadfilmstar(USA) - Goodbye To The World & The Whole Damn Thing (Single)

Dasf(England) - Trenchcoat - Trenchcoat( EP)

Blackcarburning (England) - All About You - Watching Sleepers - Cop International(USA)

Emerald Park(Sweden) - Night Away (single)

Slighter(USA) - Spill Blood (album Mix) - V O I D
Morgenstern(Switzerland) - Zeitgeist(Single) - DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Noistruct (Australia) - Outbined - Off The Grid 500 Compilation - Ende(Australia)

Dead Lights(England) - I Am Electric (Single) - DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Lunar Paths(USA) - Yeraz(Single)

Talking To Shadow(USA) - Give Me Some Of You (Single)

Cold Eyes(USA) - Take It All Back(Single)

The Quinsy(Russia) - Не Значит ( Does not mean)(Single)

Jluc Courchet aka SPIRYT(France) - Maybe It's Time - Darklights

Louise Patricia Crane (England) - Deity (Single Version)

Devoted Sinners (USA) - Your Mistake(Additional vocals Louise Patricia Crane (England)- Nothing Lasts Forever

Twice Dark(USA) - Casualty - Orphans Of The Storm

Yikii - 月之破滅(China/hongkong) - After Dark - Black Hole Ringdown

Flores de Tchernobyl (Mexico) - Duna (single)

Postlooperish(USA) - Fallow Fields of the Broken Hearted - Ghosting

Who Saw Her Die?(USA) - By Your Side - Year 1

Scorpion Tea(USA) - Scarlet Misquote (single) - Give/Take (USA)

Killtoys(Australia) - Real Thing (Single)

Greg D Forschler(USA) – Scar - Toy Surprises

The Pandemonium Bureau(Scotland/Japan) - Deviant - Deviant - Sacred Realm Records

The Quinsy(Russia) - Propaganda (Single)

Soft Vein(USA) - She's Gone Away - Wrapped in Plastic - Darkness Calling

Varsovie (France) - Perspective Nevski (Single)

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    Industrial, Industrial Industrial Hardcore Industrial Breakbeat 80's industrial goth post punk industrial Dark Ambient Darkstep EBM Electronic Body Music Gothic Electro Gothic Gothic Metal Gothic Rock Darkwave Dark Techno Neoclassical Darkwave Shoegaze Indie Dance Ps
    • Type: Live
    • 167 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • info@infectiousuneaseradio.com
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