This are all the cassette tape recordings of a Trio/Phishmaol collabo party in December 2000. I organized the club, Kaiza organized Budoka and the flyer, Trio crew people did the "small" jobs (door etc) and Budoka organized Bailey and Santana. First DnB party in this location, and the first time a UK headliner played in this city. 350 heads turned up, good crowd, all bubbling and ready for Bailey. It was a good party thus far, and a few of the dubplates played that night are still unreleased. But then during Budoka's set, the club's security staff attacked some of the punters outside, police came (and left!) - and after that the party was cancelled by a lying spokesman of a standard masonic conspiracy just when Bailey played his first tune - he had to stop it less than a minute after the drop. Being the least significant player I did the warmup, then Kaiza played (with Shoota), then Budoka (with Santana), then Bailey (with instant shutdown). 2 months later the club was closed down by authorities - karma perhaps? Anyway it was a valuable experience loaded with important life lessons. Now, almost 20 years later, I still don't get them all, but the first tune played that night was, ironically, "Fabulus Way" by Interrupt (Southern Sessions SOUTH004).

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    Drum & Bass
    • 92 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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