There was a tomorrowland competition the last month with first target get as much likes repost and playtime .Many people post endless stuff in every place in the net we all had a fair fight with much respect for other people from our "edm " familly .
Then the joining first round time ended and since then we waiting for the result.Today and very hidden on there own mazdanet page(when think about now maybe it was with an reason only there to dont get this trouble now .
Then i saw im not in the pole and that from germany 3 people win,as fair people i wantet to gratulate but then saw the german had 200 follow but 2000 play then checked the other stuff most reposters had 0 follower which is sure true fake .I talked about the fakes to my mate bazzy which was in nl much in front and in the netherland a guy is taken which upload hise set only 1-2 days before and and have only 27 likes for da mix but choosen.for tomorrowland.We all feel used and get angry . im living very next to where it was decided,check my reportage about that scandal

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    unitedweare, mixcloud, mazdasounds, jury decison, SKANDALL, mazdaboykott, cheater, faker, The day Tomorrowland die, money, foul, rude, Edm, no fairplay, gangsters
    • 99 bpm
    • Key: Cm
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