• DJ Cologneandy
    #Techno #Afterhour livemix in #Frechen by #Cologneandy #technofamily #drumcode #mondaymotivation

    #Techno #Afterhour livemix in #Frechen by #Cologneandy #technofamily #drumcode #mondaymotivation by DJ Cologneandy
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I Never use Headphones i usualy know my tracks & count the beats of nearly everything in my brain while mixing and listen carefull on everything melodic inside the track . Also sometimes i mix techno a bit more like i mix edm,what means no endless time between the end track a for example and start track b . I never do things like everyone says you must do it,i do it like i i love it even with a risk of an not 100% mix.

#GreenVelvet - LaLaLand ( #Pleasurekraft Sideshow Remix)
#Moby - Natural Blues ( #VictorRuiz Remix) [Suara]5:15
#Microcheep and #Mollo - Orgasmic (#MatteoPoker Remix)12:10
#PigandDan - The Saint Job San ( #LeeVanDowski Remix)18:00
#MicRoCheep & Mollo - Virgin Speaker ( Original Mix )25:00
Sam Pagani - Back to Zero (Original mix)32:00
#Umek & #OlivierGiacomotto - This Sound ( #SashaCarassi #Phobiq Remix) 39:10
Ramiro Lopez - Come Closer feat JulietFox (Drumcode174)45:00
Abe Duque and Blake Baxter - Lets Take It Back (Joey Beltram remix)(2009) 52:20

    0:20   Curtis a Jones - La La Land
    7:20   Moby - Natural Blues
    12:20   Various Artists - Orgasmic
    18:40   Pig & Dan - The Saint (Job San) - Lee Van Dowski Remix
    25:40   MicRoCheep, Mollo - Virgin Speaker
    32:40   Sam Paganini - Back to Zero
    39:40   Umek & Olivier Giacomotto - This Sound
    45:20   Ramiro Lopez - Come Closer
    46:40   Ramiro Lopez - Come Closer (feat. Juliet Fox)
    53:00   Abe Duque and Blake Baxter - Let's Take It Back

    • 126 bpm
    • Key: Am
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