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    Bootstomp 0.98: Dark Electro Body Industrial Techno original

    #5 Bootstomp 0.98: Dark Electro Body Industrial Techno by DJ Bootstomp
    Cheers for including my latest release TO THE CORE (feat Daniel Graves Aesthetic Perfection remix) --- the UK tour dates I just did with AP were MEGA FUN!Always appreciate your support @djbootstomp :-Is it wrong that I jumped into thinking about the track "All Black Everything" here --- but this tune is killer!
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Featuring: Freakangel, Blut Reaktor, SINthetik Messiah, Sanity Checks (Batavia remix), Maelstrom & Louisahhh, Autumns, Matt Hart (Aesthetic Perfection Remix), Veiled Venus, Circa Tapes, Distorshn Shape & Meshes, Damascus Knives, Necrø, Bestial Mouths (Remix by Hexmaschine), Mecaník Fabrík, Xtr Human, TÖT, Comfort Cure, Petrified Entity, Pretty Addicted, Nuclear Sludge, thewalkingicon feat. TC75, Pale Ash, Evil Dust, The Hanged Man x Extensive Infraction, Psychic TV (WLDV Edit), Moris Blak w/ S Y Z Y G Y X, Moments of Terror, Nghtly, Scalameriya, Skull Cultist, Znzl and Rōnin

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    0:13   Freakangel - Suicidal (Break the Cycle) [Alfa Matrix]
    3:45   Blut Reaktor - Crimson Skies
    8:50   SINthetik Messiah - Unholy (Witch Haus Version)
    14:50   Sanity Checks - Ape Torso (Batavia remix) [Tigersquawk Records]
    17:54   Maelstrom & Louisahhh - Vixen [RAAR]
    20:59   Autumns - Fallen Sons [Antibody label]
    25:36   Matt Hart - To the Core (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
    29:29   Veiled Venus - Carcosa [Bruto Industries]
    33:43   Circa Tapes - Clajsh
    38:27   Distorshn Shape & Meshes - Cybernetic Orgasm [Bruto Industries]
    42:43   Damascus Knives - Pussy No Slashes (Living Rent Free mix) [SquareWav]
    46:58   Necrø - Death Beats [Regulator Records]
    50:54   Bestial Mouths - I Am The Spell (Full Metal Witch remix by Hexmaschine)
    56:14   Mecaník Fabrík - Ciudad Oscura [RDC Music]
    1:01:42   Xtr Human - City Hai [Haus Arkana]
    1:06:24   TÖT - (Nobody Knows I Am An) Asshole
    1:11:00   Comfort Cure - Consume It
    1:15:01   Petrified Entity - Liquid Despair [Infinite Mirror]
    1:20:14   Pretty Addicted - Trauma
    1:25:22   Nuclear Sludge - Destroy
    1:29:43   thewalkingicon - The Days of Swine and Roses (feat. TC75)
    1:35:34   Pale Ash - My Soul Is On Fire
    1:39:08   Evil Dust - Destitute
    1:43:30   The Hanged Man x Extensive Infraction - Mortal Sins [SOIL]
    1:47:54   Psychic TV - Jigsaw (WLDV Edit)
    1:53:42   Moris Blak w/ S Y Z Y G Y X - Procession [SHVDOW Records]
    1:57:43   Moments of Terror - Midnight Welders [Regression Records]
    2:02:55   Nghtly - Dimensional Strength [Khoinix]
    2:08:00   Scalameriya - Nullification Alloy [Void+1 Recordings]
    2:12:35   Skull Cultist - Break That Fucker [Tigersquawk Records]
    2:16:08   Znzl - Meltdown!
    2:21:31   Rōnin - Smith's Grove Sanitarium [S H I S H I]

    Industrial, EBM Electronic Body Music, Dark Electro, Dark Techno, Industrial Techno, Darkwave
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • United States
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