• Stefchou Rumenov Rahnev
    In House We Trust Episode 06 - part 02 (GuestMix by PAPS1)

    In House We Trust Episode 06 - part 02 (GuestMix by PAPS1) by Stefchou Rumenov Rahnev
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We presenting you the sixth episode of our brand new radio show, In House We Trust, hosted and mixed by DJ Vassi. It is divided into two parts, including some of the hottest tracks in electronic music. You could listen to it every first Thursday of the month exclusively on Vibes Radio from 20:00 EET. In this episode you can hear an one hour set from PAPS1, extreme house music lover, a DJ, and defender of good club sound.


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    0:20   Andrea Oliva - We Trust
    6:40   Ruben Mandolini - Deadloop
    9:00   Ruben Mandolini - Deadloop - Original Mix
    11:40   Russ Yallop - Raptor
    26:40   Bontan - Personal Question
    32:00   Marco Grosso - So Good
    33:20   Marco Grosso - So Good - Off Key Remix
    36:20   Format:B - The Scoop
    45:40   Nicholas Van Orton - Noseaun (Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic Remix]
    52:20   Pavel Petrov - Hero

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