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    Soulful Afro Show 2024-05-04

    Soulful Afro Show 2024-05-04 by Dj TuXxL
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Hello !

I have closed my Facebook pages because of their new policies only based on marketing and money money money...

So, for those wanting to reach me, I will open soon a forum where everybody can speak about their life, their Djaying skill, parties and their puppies...
If you want to let me some words, you can reach me on Hearthis or on my mail universdj at hotmail.fr



Soulfuledge Hannah Clare - Sweat Is on the Dancefloor (Extended Mix)
Harjex - Guilty
Andre Lodemann - Home
Hotmood - Delightful
Anis Hachemi Pouvoir Magique & De Noko - Mosoto
Mystic V Peter Jericho - Miracles (Kai Alce NDATL Vocal Mix)
Dazzle Drums - Arktis Hironori Doi (Club Mix)
Soldera & Cazt & Dandara Manoela - Minha Prece Remix (Extended Mix)
Kerri Chandler AbbieLee - Let It (Give Me Back My Love)
Maz Vxsion - Amana
Lea Lorien - So High (Extended Mix)
Chris Forman Damon Bennett Sara Devine - Music Feels Like (Steal Vybe's Need For Soul Mix)
Paris Cesvette Kenny Bobien - Too Many Times
Nichelle Monroe - Redesign (Groove Junkies & Distant People Main Vox)
Franck Roger Rimarkable - Part Of My Soul
Tarantulaz Tiffany Loren - I Wasn’t Kidding (Emmaculate Remix)
David Morales Dino MFU Toshi - AZAPHOLA (Extended Mix)
Chiffon Zoo Rona Ray - Synchronize (Soulmekanikz Extended Remix)
Mr Jay - Groovin You (Vocal Mix)
Kroose Sheena - Calling All Nations (DJ Spen & MicFreak Blues & Soul Remix)
The Checkup DJ Merci Mona Lee - You Make Me Stronger
Robert Owens - I Knew You (Squirell Vocal Mix)
Todd Edwards Shermanology & Rudimental - Rain (Extended Mix)

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    7:00   Harjex - Guilty
    12:00   Andre Lodemann - Home
    13:30   Hotmood - Delightful
    18:30   Pouvoir Magique - Mosadi Wa Mosotho
    22:30   Mystic V - Miracles - Kai Alcé NDATL Vocal Mix
    24:30   Mystic V - Miracles
    27:00   Dazzle Drums - Arktis
    32:00   Dandara Manoela/Soldera/Cazt - Minha Prece Remix (Radio Edit)
    37:00   Kerri Chandler/AbbieLee - Let It (Give Me Back My Love)
    41:30   Maz (BR), VXSION - Amana
    47:00   David Morales - SO HIGH (Original Mix)
    50:30   David Morales - SO HIGH (Extended Mix)
    53:00   Steal Vybe - Music Feels Like (Original Mix)
    57:00   Paris Cesvette - Too Many Times
    1:12:30   Tarantulaz, Emmaculate - I Wasn't Kidding (Emmaculate Remix Edit) (Feat. Tiffany Lorén)
    1:15:30   Tarantulaz, Emmaculate - I Wasn't Kidding (Emmaculate Remix) (Feat. Tiffany Lorén)
    1:18:00   David Morales - AZAPHOLA (Original Mix)
    1:20:30   David Morales - AZAPHOLA (Extended Mix)
    1:33:30   The Checkup, DJ Merci, Mona Lee - You Make Me Stronger

    Deep House, Soulful House, Afro House, Retro House
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Salon-de-Provence, France
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