This mix is partly based on tracks from my shortlist for a party I'd been meant to play in May, when the plug got pulled two minutes into my second track. The first track had arrived direct from the artist (Sonic Species) by download in the 10 minutes leading up to my start time (we had wifi in the outdoor setting and I downloaded it from the stage), so I had only scanned it briefly before starting my set. Because the title was 'Psychedelic Liberation' and the 3 DJs before me had cleared the dance floor with some scary high-tech music, it was a perfect track to start with...

The first two tracks are in the sequence as played at the party (until the sound went off) and the other tracks had not been arranged in any particular order yet (I like to keep things spontaneous). The bulk of these tracks were unreleased at the time but have since been issued; other unreleased tracks that I'd meant to play are not included in this mix (sorry - gotta respect the artists).

Hope you enjoy the mix!

Killerwattz: Psychedelic Liberation (Sonic Species remix)
Laughing Buddha & Tristan: Back In The Game
Black Noise: Signs Of Existence
Martian Arts: Chaos Before Order
Predators: Planet X (Manmademan remix)
Pleiadians: Ancient Knowledge
Juno Reactor: God Is God (Cyclon remix)
Prana: Boundless (Funky Gong remix)
Ohmnidrive: Swimming Bulls
Laughing Buddha & Lucas: Neutrino Storm
Manmademan & Brightlight: Make Up Your Mind
Martian Arts & Black Noise: Techno Viking

Support the artists: buy their music. Some of the music here is available on Matsuri Digital, TIP Records, and Nano Records. Pleiadians music available on Bandcamp.

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    psy, trance, psychedelic
    • 139 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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