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Biography .

Milton Joao, birth name of Dj Milton pro , was born and raised in Luanda -Angola. Milton has had an ear for music since his childhood years. He grew up listening, to a combination of urban Southern African music , American hip hop, rap, West African Island Cabo Verde and Zouk music. His music style combines Afro house, deep house, hip hop and electronic. He listened to Michael Jackson ,Tabanka Jazz ,Grace Everora , Kassav , Brenda Face amongst others.

Over the years his passion for music grew and his music was mainly influenced by his aunt whom he shared a very close bond with. Milton pro become fascinated with mixing music at the age of 15. By the time he turned 18 he was famous in his home town, Luanda where he was djing for various clubs, parties and weddings. He bought his first Dj mixer from friend, and began mixing with a lap top at home . He is always on the look out for new ideas especially with House Music . He has performed with various top artists in and around South Africa and plans to expand his influence to the rest of the African continent. Dj Erick Morilo and David Guetta became his early influence and whom he identified with the most.

From family parties to school parties the desire to play was enormous ,as Milton Pro wanted to show the world his new way of playing with the music . In 2012 an opportunity arose to perform a Dj course in the Club Scala in Portugal , where he learned to mix with CD's and Serato and Scracth live . Finishing the course, Milton ended up playing at parties ,wedding baptism. His knowledge was growing, the musical culture was flowing and his natural and good disposition behind the decks made Dj Milton pro to be invited to play in bars and clubs.

Throughout his experience and evolution, DJ Milton has been playing in many bars and clubs, in Angola ,Portugal ,Mozambique , Namibia and South Africa where he had the pleasure to share his cabin with many notable DJ's like Black motions ,Flaton Fox ,Ivan Afro 5,Dorivaldo mix ,Dj Malvado ,Peezy Boy amongst others.

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